If Florida conservatives unite behind one candidate in the primary election, we win.

If we split and fragment our vote across the entire field, the establishment Republican will win.


For Immediate Release – Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz – The Candidate for Florida Grassroots Conservatives

With the Florida Presidential Preference Primary just days away, Florida Conservatives United (FCU) final tallies are in, and the results show that Ted Cruz is far and away the Presidential Candidate of choice for Florida Grassroots Conservatives.

In July, 2015, working with Ohio Conservatives United, Florida Conservatives United was organized to offer conservative groups across Florida unfiltered access to each other regarding their choices about Presidential contenders and the possibility of unifying around one of the candidates.

Conservative leaders believed that if Florida conservatives united behind one candidate in the primary, a conservative candidate would win, but if conservative grassroots split and fragmented their votes across the entire field, the GOP establishment, DC Insider candidate would win.

Over the last eight months, 4017 surveys have been completed in 25 participating groups and 11 events. Cruz has consistently led the field. Final numbers show Cruz leads with 45% of the vote.

Florida conservatives were also asked if they would consider changing their vote to support the leading candidate, and 80% agreed they would consider changing their vote.

If Florida conservatives wish to elect a conservative Presidential candidate in the March primary, we need to unite around one specific candidate.

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